Virtual Assistants, Local Knowledge, Global Scale

Bob and his team performs a wide variety of services

Bob performs a wide range of services, you need a virtual assistant, help when you are on holiday or your job takes you to a new country and you need to setup bank accounts, rent apartment and all those things that are not so easy in a new country where you don't speak the language, this is where Bob comes in, Bob and his team works globally to ensure that we provide local knowledge on a global scale, after all "When in Rome.....". Browse the services that Bob provides and sign up and no matter which service you like the price is always the same, you sign up for Holiday Bob you get his other services free of charge.

Bob and his team provides local knowledge on a global scale, we don't centralize our team we distribute it and that is how our services are differentiated from others, lets face it a Thai local will know more about Thailand than an outsourced service staff in India pr the Phillipines ever will, that is why Bob keeps it local but on a global scale.