Virtual Assistants, Local Knowledge, Global Scale

A subset of services we provide

At ButlerBobs our team provide a wide range of services, in fact anything you think of that you need help with and amazingly we do them all at no extra cost, we only have two simple rules that we ask all our clients to follow.

They Are:

  1. The request must be legal
  2. The request cannot cost us money

A small subset of services we have performed to give you an idea are:

  • Visa Applications
  • Work Permit applications
  • Opening of Bank Accounts
  • Finding Apartments
  • Finding Eco friendly places to shop for vegetables and other products that we know are good quality
  • Book tables at restaurants
  • Manage your calendar
  • Manage tour personal and business trips including booking flights, hotels and other services.
Free airport transfer in Shanghai, our drivers will ensure you get to/from your destination quickly, safely and without cost.

IT Support for all clients and for Gold and Platinum levels we also offer free AntiVirus and Web Protection as well as Backups, let us worry about you files so you can sleep.