Virtual Assistants, Local Knowledge, Global Scale

Expat Bob

You have got a new job or your current job is sending you to a new country, it is an exciting time for you but how will you cope in a country where you don't speak the language and don't know the culture? Your company might be sending you to China, Thailand or Vietnam where the culture is dramatically different, this is where Expat Bob and his team comes in, we can help you with everything from the simplest task to help you setup a bank account, rules and regulations when it comes to Visa and work permits, we can help you find reliable agents for renting apartments and other things that will make life easier and allow you to feel safe and concentrate on your work allowing you to be successful in your new position.

Even if you are an experienced expat, Bob and his team can still provide valuable services for you as your assistant, have a look at Assistant Bob for ideas and don't forget, when you sign up for one service you get the others for free.