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By: Matt Douhan | May 24, 2019

All our clients can now enjoy free transfers to or from any of the Shanghai airports totally free of charge, we have cars that can fit up to 6 passengers and you are free to book them at any time when you need to go to or from the airport, our drivers will welcome you at the exit with a sign that has your name on it and you can avoid all the TAXI scams and we will take you and your luggage safely to your destination.

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By: Matt Douhan | May 04, 2019

One of our clients had the need to charter a small yacht for business purposes, we arranged that and went on a cruise through Shanghai, what a beautiful and successful day it turned out to be, this was one of the more adventorous requests we have had this year so far but we are always up for the challenge and as it turned out the event was a great success.

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By: Matt Douhan | April 16, 2019

Information about the new Electric scooter laws in Shanghai, if you electric scooter is less than 55 kg and you drive less than 25 km/h then you do not need a license and you do not need the insurance card for your scooter, this will change but no date is set yet, so stay tuned.

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