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By: Matt Douhan | August 21, 2019

ButlerBobs is switching our travel app from to, we have been using tripit for many years already but we feel that their lack of updates to the app and their total lack of proper support means we have to move to a better alternative, we have been trialing tripcase for some time already and we are extremely happy with the features it provides, its ease of use and the support around it. 

We will contact all current customers and assist with the switch and we will ensure all your travel plans are already in the new app from day one.

Any questions at all feel free to drop as a note at or chat with us as always on twitter/facebook/wechat ....

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By: Matt Douhan | June 05, 2019

Starting as of June 5 2019 ButlerBobs is now including IT Support as part of its offerings, partnering with NetWizards Ltd who offers IT Support to enterprise companies, ButlerBobs targets the small/medium companies but backed by the NetWizards Enterprise support team you can ensure that all your IT needs are taken care of.

The support includes Antivirus and Web Protection software in the gold level and backups on top in the premium level so that you can choose the type of support that suits you best and remember you also get all the other services from ButlerBobs as well creating great value for you as our customer.

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By: Matt Douhan | May 24, 2019

All our clients can now enjoy free transfers to or from any of the Shanghai airports totally free of charge, we have cars that can fit up to 6 passengers and you are free to book them at any time when you need to go to or from the airport, our drivers will welcome you at the exit with a sign that has your name on it and you can avoid all the TAXI scams and we will take you and your luggage safely to your destination.

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By: Matt Douhan | May 04, 2019

One of our clients had the need to charter a small yacht for business purposes, we arranged that and went on a cruise through Shanghai, what a beautiful and successful day it turned out to be, this was one of the more adventorous requests we have had this year so far but we are always up for the challenge and as it turned out the event was a great success.

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