Virtual Assistants, Local Knowledge, Global Scale

What is ButlerBobs?

Think of Bob as your personal virtual assistant, our team I ready to help you with pretty much anything you want, from simple restaurant or hotel/flight bookings to managing your calendar or if you are an expat we can help you translate notes/documents that you receive to ensure you are always up to date. We can help with finding apartments, opening bank accounts, even with VISA and work permits as we have a large customer base we almost certainly have helped someone in your position before.

Our services do not stop here, we are more than happy to help with everything from holiday planning to IT support and Marketing Work, we have a diverse set of teams that are all at your disposal for as long as you are signed up to our service and there is more, if you sign up for Gold or Platinum service our teams will also help anyone any family members that you designate.

Its as simple as sending us an email or hitting us up on your favourite chat app and we will do our utmost to help and in the rare cases that we can not help we will inform you quickly and not string you along and waste your time.